I was born in New York city to Dominican parents and am the oldest of five children. For the first eight years of my life my family and I lived in none other than Washington Heights, an area largely known in New York city for its Dominican population. Washington Heights is like a mini Dominican Republic. You can’t really say you know the culture unless you’ve done some time there. Eight years was my time and then we moved on up…to the Queens side.

Queens was it. Corona, Queens to be exact. This is where I consider myself to be from. It is where I was raised and grew up. I graduated from Catholic grammar school and Catholic high school. As far as my parents were concerned, public school was not even an option in New York. Paying all that tuition was rough for them at times, but they did it somehow even when our lights got cut off.

I earned an Associates Degree in liberal Arts and Sciences and then moved to Miami, FL in 2001; only eight days after the 9/11 attacks. I’ve been here ever since.

I’ve always had a passion for writing and putting thoughts on paper so I majored in English in college thinking that it would eventually lead me to a very prestigious career as a writer for some popular magazine. It hasn’t. Yet. I earned a BA in English with a minor in Philosophy. I have a paralegal degree and an MBA degree. Go me! And finally, I’ve just completed a second Masters in Human Resource Management and Project Management. I may just have a slight addiction to education. A PhD degree may be next. Let’s see what happens.

I live at home with my son, Mason Alexander and my Yorkshire Terrier, Mickey Angelo.

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