About us

Mason and Mommy

Mason is my son and therefore I’m the mommy. I almost titled this section, “Mommy and Mason” but then I realized putting my son’s name first would be a more accurate description of the life I’ve now decided to share publicly as he now comes before me in all my life decisions. He is my boss now. All of my life decisions are strictly guided according to how it will affect him.

There is no daddy here. I am a single mom by choice. At 35 years old, I found myself with no children and still single. My biological clock was ticking and I didn’t want to lose my opportunity to be a mommy, so I asked a friend to do me a favor…I asked him to give me a child. If he agreed, I would not hold him responsible in any way. The child would have my last name and would be my sole responsibility to raise. Of course, there’s the adoption route but I had a need to go through the whole pregnancy experience. I wanted to feel life inside me. I wanted to give birth to my child. Anyway, I’ve heard the application process for a single person on my income could be quite rigorous, costly and very often disappointing, so there was only one way for me to go at it. The old-fashioned way!

To my surprise, that friend agreed to the favor. We timed things just right and voilà! Nine months later I was blessed with this beautiful baby boy I call Mason Alexander.

This is our story.

2 responses to “About us

  1. Beautiful! I just found your blog! We have similar stories!! I blog at http://www.momsolo.com

  2. Thank you. I just became one of your followers!

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