Choice mommyhood. Is it “fearless and daring”?

Choice mommyhood. Is it “fearless and daring”?

Self Magazine recently published an interesing article titled, 13 Ways to be Bold. The article lists 13 different acts of boldness taken on by real women.  Of particular interest to me was bold act number 4, I had a Baby on My Own – on Purpose.  A Philadelphia woman in her late 20s describes how she made the decision to have a baby on her own and become a single parent.

So I’m not the only crazy one in the world! Other people have done this!

The word “Bold” is an adjective descibing a “fearless and daring act which requires and exhibits courage and bravery.”

What do you guys  think?  How true to this definition is choice mommyhood?  Do you think it’s fearless and daring or do you think we’re just crazy?

Click on the link below to check out the Article
13 Ways to be Bold – Self Magazine

13 Ways to be bold

4 responses to “Choice mommyhood. Is it “fearless and daring”?

  1. I don’t know. I’m coming to mommyhood on a different path, but I would hardly call it fearless! Truth be told, I’m excited, joyous and scared to death! That said, while courage and bravery are involved, women have been making this kind of choice for thousands of years so history tells us it can and has been done. Standing on the shoulders of giants!

    • Adoptivenblackmom, thank you for your comments. Whether you’re adopting or giving birth to a baby, mommyhood could certainly be a scary experience especially for a first time mom. I am not so sure that making the choice to be a single mom has been going for thousands of years, however. Even now the decision I made seems to always amaze people so it’s I don’t believe it’s a common thing. Most women don’t even consider it as an option because they believe they will be frowned upon for having a baby on their own. Many people still think a child needs both a mommy and a daddy to grow up to be happy health adults. If this has been going on for thousands of years, then it has certainly been a very well kept secret.

      Keep reading!

      Single-mommingly yours, M.

  2. I think it is definitely fearless. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Raising confident, positive, good citizens of the world is a mothers responsibility. It requires assistance, the right assistance, to ensure little or no error is made, to mold positive pillars in our communities.

    • I absolutely agree, anewyorkmommy. I certainly believe that mommyhood is probably the most difficult job out there…without pay! It certainly takes lots of hard work and perseverance and it can definitaly drain the hell out of a mommy. With or without both parents around, mommyhood is difficult. Although I am single mom, I am grateful for the love and support of my family around me.

      Thank you for commenting. Please keep reading! 🙂

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