Daily Archives: August 18, 2013


Enjoying some play time at My Gym, Coral Gables, FL


That’s him. That’s my little one, Mason, enjoying his first time ever at My Gym located in Coral Gables, FL . We thought we’d do something different this weekend and interact with other kids. Besides, Latin radio station, Amor 107.5FM and BeechNut Goya baby foods were hosting a special event there! Maybe I could win that $500.00 raffle they mentioned they were having!

We didn’t win the raffle but Mason had a good 1 hour and a half.


“She believed s…

“She believed she could, so she did.” ~ Unknown

One of my favorite quotes and one that I keep hanging on my bedroom wall to remind me that I can do anything! The trick is just to believe in myself and oh yeah, STOP BEING SO DAMN LAZY!

So here I am.  After years of thinking about it and procrasting, I am finally starting a blog.   I believe! I believe!  Hallelujah, I believe! 

Whew! Now let us see where this new journey takes me.

Single mommingly yours, M.